Jake Cuenca, Gold Aceron, Mikoy Morales, Archi Adamos, Nil Nodalo bare deep manhood issues in stage play ‘DickTalk’

This 2023, it’s time to be bold and normalize conversations on topics that were deemed taboo and vulgar by society. DickTalk, a theatrical production of V-Roll Media Ventures, in cooperation with sister company Trifecta Brand Lab, breaks the barriers on masculinity and manhood as it bravely tackles the various issues surrounding and involving the ubiquitous yet shamed male genitalia – the penis. Staging on a limited run at the RCBC Theater on April 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 23, DickTalk opens its ticket sales starting this January 18 via Ticketworld.

Directed by Phil Noble, DickTalk boasts a powerhouse ensemble cast in their bravest performances yet. The stage play revolves around the stories of five individual characters who represent five different yet relatable stories of men – a teenager, a trans man, a sex worker, a metrosexual, and an old man. Leading the cast are multi-talented actor Jake Cuenca, promising stars Gold Aceron and Mikoy Morales, respected stage actor Archi Adamos, and trans man Nil Nodalo, who will represent the LBTQA+ community in this timely and relevant stage masterpiece.

DickTalk Cast (From L-R) Gold Aceron, Nil Nodalo, Jake Cuenca, and Mikoy Morales

DickTalk’s colorful characters are born from the creative genius of the production’s concept creator, Edwin Vinarao, along with writers Ara Vicencio and Benj Cruz Garcia. The creative team made sure each character’s story highlights relatable experiences without being preachy, with some laugh out loud moments to boot.

Inspired by the groundbreaking “The Vagina Monologues” of 1996, DickTalk embraces manhood through an honest, open, and intellectual discourse from those who identify as male – either by birth or choice. The play delves into men’s innermost thoughts, aiming to normalize social discussions about dicks, penises, weiners, or the “titi.” In this modern, emboldened era of free expression, how do we really measure manhood?

Starting on January 18, tickets for DickTalk will be available at https://premier.ticketworld.com.ph/, with prices ranging from P2,000 for Balcony, P2,500 for Lodge, P3,050 for Orchestra Side, to P3,650 for Orchestra Center. Don’t miss this peculiar celebration of man’s “best friend” in this exceptional theatrical presentation. Enjoy the enlightening discussions as DickTalk thrusts its way into your hearts (and crotches), cumming this April 2023.

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