‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Review: More than just nostalgia

Directed by Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic

As a fan and player of Super Mario, especially Super Mario World, I expected elements from the game faithfully incorporated in the film. But as an audience of a movie, I wanted a cohesive and entertaining story that would put me on the edge of my seat.

You’re in for colorful characters and adventures in the newest adaptation of the classic video game Super Mario, ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie.’ But is it enough to spend your time and money to see it on the big screen? Absolutely!

The Super Marios Bros. Movie captured the fun and fascinating world of the video game. And at times, the movie felt like it was exactly a video game. More than the nostalgia, the film is a total entertainment for the whole family. Fans of the game will go gaga of how the challenges of the plumbing brothers are interpreted on the big screen.

It could have used more inventive ways to capture the spirit of the game or to present the “Super Mario World” to the audience. What was presented in the film was fine, it’s just that I hope there’s something in it that I could bring with me after watching the film in an emotional way not just the visuals.


‘The Super Mario Bros.’ is now showing in Philippine cinemas from Universal Pictures Philippines. Also available in 4Dx and IMAX 3D. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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