Online docu festival spearheaded by int’l. NGO and local NGO network highlights Filipinos’ resilience amid adversities

The International Center for Non-for-Profit Law (ICNL) and the Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODE-NGO) recently launched an online documentary festival featuring the resiliency of the Filipino people amid adversities and other challenges.

The International Center for Non-for-Profit Law, which operates in 100 countries worldwide, works to civil society, governments and the international community to help people exercise their rights to freedom of association, expression and peaceful assembly.

The Caucus of Development NGO Networks, meanwhile, represents 1,600 non-government organizations and people’s organizations to influence public policy, provide leadership in civil society and increase the effectiveness of social development work in the Philippines.

Entitled “The Power of Civil Society: Mga Kwento ng Katatagan, Bayanihan, at Pag-asa” the online documentaries can be accessed through CODE-NGO’s Facebook page (

Eleven member networks of CODE-NGO participated in the workshops conducted by NAMAYAN Digital Inc. in creating 11 documentaries for the festival that highlighted essential contributions by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) towards creating and promoting a more just, peaceful, and livable country.

The documentaries also underscored the CSOs’ positive impact on their communities and their roles in promoting social justice and human rights, and advocating for peace and development, especially during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online documentaries are – “Process”, “Cenvisnet”, “Erda”, “Igorota”, “Kids Islands PH”, “PHILSSA-Lakas Lokal”, “Com”, “Siglatala (NCSD)”, “ISO”, “Laura Vicuna” and “Virlanie.”

“We are excited to be partnering with CODE-NGO to showcase the inspiring work of Civil Society Organizations in the Philippines,” said ICNL’s Executive Director, Douglas Rutzen.

“Through these documentaries, we hope to highlight the power of collective action and encourage more people to get involved in building a better future for their communities,” he added.

”Process” highlights Nanay Perlita’s resilience to weather the challenges of the pandemic, while “Cenvisnet” discusses the story of Wellbeing Cluster PH’s advocacy and push to strengthen mental and psychosocial health support.

“Erda” discusses how the group addressed the needs of parents when the COVID-19 pandemic began while “Igorota” features how the Igorota Foundation inspired a community of women to hope and achieve the best for their families.

“Kids Islands PH” follows the story of Roy and his efforts to establish Kids

Islands Philippines as part of his efforts to help Filipino children while “PHILSSA- Lakas Lokal” focuses on how Jeorgie and his group helped communities survive various challenges.

”Com” highlights Community Organizers Multiversity’s desire to help different communities that need assistance in protecting their rights, while “Siglatala (NCSD)” and “ISO” show the efforts of Paghilom Mothers’ Community to help urban poor families in Manila and fishermen communities, respectively.

“Laura Vicuna” discusses how Laura Vicuna Foundation helps Filipino youth to hope and pursue their dreams while “Virlanie” highlights Virlanie’s Foundation’s moves to support families affected by the pandemic.

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