‘Banaag’ Review: When conscience talks

Written and directed by Rodel J. Mercado

What if the conscience can communicate with you through different representations of the seven deadly sins?

It’s quite a bold move for Frontline Production, Inc. to present mature themes to high schoolers. But then again, with the access these kids have nowadays, the best thing to do is to guide or teach them. And the best way to do it is through art. But with the attention span of teenagers nowadays, it’s a must that what is presented to them is highly entertaining. That’s what they did with Banaag.

Presenting reality and being ideal of what the future holds for today’s generation is a tricky thing to do. The realities of the tragedies of what people are going through today that turn good people to bad is something that’s sad but not surprising. We all need to transform to keep up with the dangers of today but Banaag wants to throw the question, “do we really need to lose touch of being human with others just because life is unfair and unjust? Do we really need to turn a blind eye to the things that make us better beings just because it’s the easiest way to becoming stronger amidst the difficulties in life? And does turning bad make life better?”

These questions are asked through representations of ten figures that act as our conscience. And Banaag presented these representations in a bold yet entertaining way.

It could use some trimming. Maybe they could combine some of the ten conscience to make the story more impactful, to make its thought-provoking themes stick to its audiences even after watching.

But the version of Banaag that I saw has some impressive acting and very modern take which the Millennials and Gen Z really acknowledge and were thrilled to witness.

It’s not every day we get to see a stage play that teaches the right path for those who have lost their way. Banaag wants to be that, the light among the darkness in these trying times.

“BANAAG”, produced by Frontline Production Inc. Opening Show is on June 4, 2023 at SM North Edsa SKY DOME. It is being performed in School & University Auditoriums, Convention Centers and Big Cinemas in various cities and provinces in Luzon from June 2023 to October 2024

For more information & show reservation, you may call +63 927-2422673 / +63 915-8022382


1.    LOUISE ZAPANTA               as        Sarah
2.    CALEB ALVAREZ                 as        Jim
3.    REY CORREJADO               as        Nel
4.    ASEAN GABAT                    as        Sam
5.    DAVEN NOVENO               as        Tom
6.    DYN ALTICHE                      as        Mira
7.    CARISSA DE OCAMPO      as        Dina
8.    KLOUNEY OGATIS             as        Juno
9.    JUSTINE TORRALBA           as        Bel
10.  FRANCHESKA ROSALES as        Leni
11.  RJ TAMAYO                        as        Fredo
12.  TONNY ABAD                     as        Roy


1.     WRITER & DIRECTOR                                          RODEL J. MERCADO
2.     PRODUCTION MANAGER                                  JORDI SISON
3.     STAGE MANAGER                                               JHELO LLONORA
4.     LIGHTING DESIGNER                                          NINYA BEDRUZ
5.     CHOREOGRAPHER                                             GERALD ARCIBAL
6.     PRODUCTION DESIGNER                                   RODEL J. MERCADO
7.     PHOTOGRAPHER                                                MARK RAMOS                       
8.     MARKETING OFFICER                                         ANDREW ESQUIVEL, VERON SAMSON, MARIE GIL SUYAT

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