EA Guzman to face his fear of heights in upcoming movie ‘Karnabal’

“Hindi ko alam kung paano ko haharapin ‘yung takot ko kasi may fear of heights ako. Malululain ako, takot ako sa matataas kahit sa mall, kahit sa Ferris Wheel. It’s about time na gumawa ako ng kakaiba. Buong tapang kong sinabi kay direk na I’m going to face my fear.” – EA Guzman during the media launch of his upcoming movie ‘Karnabal.’

In a real-time one hour and a half, Caloy goes berserk and wants to jump on a billboard.

As we learn of his reasons why he decided to do such an act, we get a glimpse of the drama in a pain-staking procedural involving the people in his life – his wife, his mother, his angry supervisor, the maddening crowd, the reporters, the angry Barangay Captain and the bystanders – capturing the microcosm of feelings and prejudices of the Filipino society.

The film unfolds in one long take.

Aside from the challenge of facing his fear of heights, EA Guzman will also face the challenge of leading a movie which will be shot in one long take as a whole. Imagine acting for one and a half hour or more, in a suspenseful movie that will also be physically challenging because of the demands of the story?

Director Adolf Alix, Jr. is confident with pushing with their plans of a one-shot film because of the cast they have formed.

EA Guzman will be joined by Gina Alajar, Jaclyn Jose, Joel Saracho and Ricky Davao, with a special participation of EA’s real life girlfriend Shaira Diaz.

‘Karnabal’ will be released soon from BC Entertainment Production. The film is to be submitted to various film festivals locally and internationally once finished.

Watch our coverage of the Karnabal media launch below:

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