Highly-anticipated K-series ‘Moving’ now streaming on Disney+

Get ready to enter a world of superhuman powers in the newest action thriller K-drama “Moving,” one of this year’s most highly anticipated shows, now available exclusively on Disney+.

A secret world of heroes

“Moving” is the biggest Disney+ STAR original series yet, bringing the hit 200 million-view Webtoon by acclaimed author Kangfull to life, with star director Park Inje at the helm. 

The series tells the story of ordinary students who possess superhuman abilities. This includes Kim Bongseok (Lee Jungha), who has the ability of flight; Jang Huisoo (Go Younjung), who can heal quickly; and Lee Ganghoon (Kim Dohoon), who has super strength. Despite their incredible powers, they choose to keep it a secret from everyone and learn to control them to live their lives as regular students.

As they try to live quietly, government agencies seek to exploit them for their own means and also to eliminate them to rid the world of superhumans. With enemies threatening their lives, they must prepare themselves to protect their friends and family, and fight against all who want to harm them. As they use their powers for survival, they uncover secrets about themselves and the people they care about. 

“Moving” features an all-star cast of K-drama that includes stars Ryu Seungryong (Jang Juwon), Han Hyojoo (Lee Mihyun), and Zo Insung (Kim Doosik) in his long-awaited return to a drama series after a seven-year hiatus, produced by STUDIO&NEW.

The series will debut with a seven-episode premiere on August 9. Don’t miss this incredible adaptation of the popular webtoon and catch “Moving” exclusively on Disney+!

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