Carla Abellana Wins Tom Rodriguez’s Heart in ‘No Boyfriend Since Birth’

The refreshing tandem of Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez returns to the big screen via Regal Entertainment’s latest romantic-comedy offering, “No Boyfriend Since Birth,” directed by Jose Javier Reyes.

Carla Abellana plays Karina Miranda, an executive assistant who works in a bridal shop. She’s never been in a relationship all her life, waiting for her high school crush Carlo Mercado played by Tom Rodriguez.

After graduation, Karina and Carlo cross paths at a wedding. Carlo, being a wedding photographer who worked in Canada for 10 years, gets close to Karina as they share common interest. Unfortunately, it is all work for Carlo unlike Karina who has fallen deeply for her high school crush again.

Determined to win the man of her dreams, Karina does everything in her power to make Carlo fall for her. But Carlo is one tough nut to crack and so Karina decides to give up hope and spare herself from more pain.

Until Carlo asks her to be his business partner.

Karina then finds herself in a tight fix once again. Will she accept the proposal or turn it down? Will she finally gets to be with the man she dreamed all her life?

“No Boyfriend Since Birth” begins its search for “forever” on November 11. In Philippine cinemas nationwide from Regal Entertainment.

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