MOVIE REVIEW: Flotsam (2015)

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FLOTSAM (2015) Review
Directed by Jay Abello

An intentional destination film but succeeds in capturing the beauty of La Union and the atmosphere it gives to its guests. Flotsam doesn’t embrace its characters’ dilemmas or their drives, it makes the audience breathe in the ambiance, the serenity of the setting, making it something like having a vacation, seeing it is an escape even just for a while. Solenn Heusaff is perfect for her role, having the beauty and appeal of a Goddess, it adds attraction to the film’s already beautiful picture. The rest of the cast doesn’t do much but add mystery to other character’s interests. While it could do more with its story and characters, the film’s main goal is to bring La Union to the screen in picture and its ambiance which it does beautifully.

There’s a regret not being able to get these characters dig deep with their situations, though having multiple characters, it is hard to pull that off. But with its already atmospheric look, having at least one character have its moment wouldn’t hurt its end product. The film would only leave you wondering “Will Flotsam be a good destination for me or what?” as it ends in a somewhat melancholy for some.

4 Flotsam


3 Stars

“Flotsam” opens November 4 in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Banana Pancake Trail Productions Inc. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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