Cinema One Originals 2015: Films in Competition Guide

Cinema One Originals boasts 9 new and “Kakaiba” films to compete for this year’s Digital Film Festival.

“From a pregnant drag princess in a small town, to a group of children trying to find their heroes on the streets; from a mother’s deep love for her daughter, to one caught in the horrors of religion. Presenting, the 9 official entries Cinema One Originals: Kakaiba Ka Ba? Digital Film Festival!”

Directed by Joel Ferrer
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Baka Siguro Yata is a comedy drama which revolves around Carlo, a 29-year old unambitious graphic designer whose only passion is to play music with his co-unambitious long-time friends. After discovering that his girlfriend of 6 years is a lesbian, he seeks to find refuge on a one-night stand with a high school classmate named Melissa. However, Melissa gets pregnant which in turns everything in disarray. Melissa’s sister and her boyfriend mulls over their planned first sex but gets cold feet due to what happened to her sister. Carlo’s divorced parents, on the other hand, discreetly starts seeing each other as they rekindle their 20 year old relationship by having an affair and secret meetings while they cheat on their new partner. Baka Siguro Yata tells a story of love within three generations. It tells how each generation understand and perceive the idea of love.

Screening Schedule:

November 9 (Monday) 7:00PM TriNoma (GALA Screening)
November 9 (Monday) 9:35PM SM Megamall
November 11 (Wednesday) 2:40PM SM Megamall
November 12 (Thursday) 7:50PM Glorietta
November 14 (Saturday) 2:40PM Glorietta
November 14 (Saturday) 10:50AM Resorts World Manila
November 16 (Monday) 4:50PM TriNoma
November 17 (Tuesday) 12:30PM SM Megamall

Directed by Sheron Dayoc
Genre: Horror

In an old house replete with images of Catholic icons and symbols, a young lady struggles with the demented religious fanaticism of her mother, who it seems cannot differentiate between pious fervour and demonic possession- for both exist simultaneously in her being. The daughter seeks help for mother’s behavior, but as days go by, their relationship turns from harrowing to horrific, as strange phenomena occur inside the house, driving the daughter to evade and overcome her mother’s deranged machinations.

Screening Schedules

November 13 (Friday) 1:20AM Resorts World Manila
November 13 (Friday) 5:15PM SM Megamall
November 13 (Friday) 7:40PM TriNoma (GALA Screening)
November 14 (Saturday) 12:30PM Glorietta
November 15 (Sunday) 12:00PM Resorts World Manila
November 16 (Monday) 7:50PM Glorietta

Directed by Sari Dalena
Genre: Docu-Drama

DAHLING NICK is a documentary-drama exploring the life and works of National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin, who only accepted the National Artist Award on the condition the Marcos administration release a well-known writer who was being unjustly detained during Martial Law. Depicting the “inner world” of this canonical writer, who wrote both novels as well as journalistic works, the juxtaposition of documentary interviews, episodes from his life, and evocative imagery from his literary pieces will create a cinematic collage. DAHLING NICK is a celebration of Joaquin’s life and inimitable contributions to Philippine arts.

Screening Schedules

November 11 (Wednesday) 9:40PM TriNoma (GALA Screening)
November 12 (Thursday) 2:30PM Glorietta
November 12 (Thursday) 7:30PM SM Megamall
November 14 (Saturday) 5:20PM Resorts World Manila
November 14 (Saturday) 7:00PM Glorietta
November 15 (Sunday) 9:40PM SM Megamall
November 16 (Monday) 2:45PM SM Megamall
November 16 (Monday) 4:40PM Glorietta
November 17 (Tuesday) 12:30PM TriNoma
November 17 (Tuesday) 4:10PM Resorts World Manila

Directed by Bor Ocampo
Genre: Action, Drama

Amidst legalized corruption, a son struggles to prove to his father that he is fit to survive in a dog-eat-dog world.

Screening Schedules:

November 10 (Tuesday) 7:00PM SM Megamall (GALA Screening)
November 11 (Wednesday) 2:30PM Glorietta
November 12 (Thursday) 5:00PM SM Megamall
November 12 (Thursday) 9:30PM Glorietta
November 13 (Friday) 9:50PM TriNoma
November 14 (Saturday) 12:30PM SM Megamall
November 15 (Sunday) 2:45PM Glorietta

Directed by Ralson Jover
Genre: Drama

Rashid, Jinky, Tisoy and Momoy are peddlers and petty criminals in the streets. When Jinky disappears during a heist, the boys presume she goes with the taxi driver they victimize, giving him an unsolicited sexual service. Danny, the taxi driver, actually brings Jinky home and exploits her as a house maid. The boys proceed with their normal thievery, and at the same time search for Jinky. In one of their misadventures, Moy, the youngest lad, got hit by a speeding car and dies.

Screening Schedules:

November 10 (Tuesday) 7:30PM Glorietta (GALA Screening)
November 11 (Wednesday) 9:35PM SM Megamall
November 13 (Friday) 4:50PM Glorietta
November 14 (Saturday) 4:40PM TriNoma
November 15 (Sunday) 12:30PM SM Megamall
November 16 (Monday) 2:30PM Glorietta
November 17 (Tuesday) 2:10PM Resorts World Manila

Directed by Carl Joseph Papa
Genre: Animation

Manang Biring is a story of a terminally ill but feisty old lady who has learned to accept that she will soon pass away. One day, she receives a letter that from her long estranged daughter saying that she will be home for Christmas. Knowing that she will not make it, Biring will go to great lengths to prolong her life and to give her daughter a Happy Christmas.

Screening Schedules

November 9 (Monday) 9:45PM TriNoma (GALA Screening)
November 10 (Tuesday) 5:35PM SM Megamall
November 11 (Wednesday) 12:30PM Glorietta
November 12 (Thursday) 4:35PM Resorts World Manila
November 13 (Friday) 10:00PM SM Megamall
November 14 (Saturday) 3:15PM Resorts World Manila
November 14 (Saturday) 10:00PM Glorietta
November 15 (Sunday) 12:30PM TriNoma
November 15 (Sunday) 7:40PM SM Megamall
November 16 (Monday) 12:30PM Glorietta
November 17 (Tuesday) 2:45PM SM Megamall

Directed by Raymond Red
Genre: Youth Drama

“Mga Rebeldeng May Kaso” (Rebels with A Case) is about the aftermath of the so-called People Power Revolution of 1986, spawning a group of young dreamers bewildered, wondering, and wandering, discovering the fire of youth, the loss of innocence, the journey into the core of one’s being, immersing themselves in a brewing new alternative culture and a little known and lowly regarded revolution of sorts – the emergence of a new underground, independent, and alternative cinema.

Screening Schedules

November 12 (Thursday) 9:55PM Resorts World Manila (GALA Screening)
November 13 (Friday) 2:20PM Resorts World Manila
November 13 (Friday) 7:230PM SM Megamall
November 14 (Saturday) 12:30PM TriNoma
November 14 (Saturday) 4:50PM SM Megamall
November 15 (Sunday) 10:00PM Glorietta
November 16 (Monday) 4:30PM Resorts World Manila
November 16 (Monday) 7:05PM TriNoma
November 15 (Tuesday) Glorietta

Directed by Ara Chawdhury
Genre: Small Town Drama

Miss Bulalacao is about a young drag queen, Dodong, who joins a barangay gay pageant to gain acceptance in his father’s community. He is instead met with hostility from his father, who chases him to a jungle, where he sobs to a lone bright star. What follows is the strangest night in his entire life, and an even stranger 9 months when he realizes he is pregnant. With only his stepmother, Lisa, as support, Dodong deals with ridicule from a barangay who does not believe him – until the rumors becomes a headline in a tabloid, “BAKLA, INA NG DIOS!”.

Screening Schedules:

November 11 (Wednesday) 7:40PM TriNoma (Gala Premiere)
November 12 (Thursday) 12:30PM Glorietta
November 12 (Thursday) 10:00PM SM Megamall
November 14 (Saturday) 1:00PM Resorts World Manila
November 14 (Saturday) 2:45PM SM Megamall
November 14 (Saturday) 4:50PM Glorietta
November 16 (Monday) 12:30PM SM Megamall
November 17 (Tuesday) 12:30PM Glorietta
November 17 (Tuesday) 3:30PM TriNoma

The Comeback
Directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal
Genre: Comedy, Drama

The Comeback is a comedy about a 32 year old crazy, OA fading superstar actress who loses everything in her life and decides to commit suicide but on the day she decides to kill herself, she receives a package containing 4 letters and ashes in a vase: a dead man’s ashes in search of a home.

Screening Schedules:

November 10 (Tuesday) Glorietta (GALA Screening)
November 11 (Wednesday) 7:05PM SM Megamall
November 12 (Thursday) 2:15PM Resorts World Manila
November 12 (Thursday) 5:30PM Glorietta
November 14 (Saturday) 2:15PM TriNoma
November 15 (Sunday) 12:30PM Glorietta
November 16 (Monday) 5:50PM SM Megamall
November 16 (Monday) 6:15PM Resorts World Manila
November 17 (Tuesday) 4:40PM Glorietta

Source: Cinema One Originals Facebook Page

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