MOVIE REVIEW: By The Sea (2015)

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BY THE SEA (2015) Review
Directed by Angelina Jolie-Pitt

While the film may intrigue and at times entertain with its mysterious and whimsical side, By The Sea is tedious most of the time. The twist may come off unnecessary but the film strives through beautiful scenery and its leads’ undeniable screen presence. Angelina Jolie may have some sincerity in her work but the film wanders in familiar psychodrama territories that it doesn’t have much impact.

It may look like Jolie and Pitt is going art European style but you’ll find little in its story that you care less when it ends. It goes dramatic but not deep enough for it to matter, it goes playful but doesn’t make too much effort for it to give significance to its characters’ emotional journey. Might as well relinquish your idolatry to its cast to enjoy everything it offers, be a overly dramatic scene or just a quiet one that helps you enjoy the beautiful setting.

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2 Stars

“By The Sea” is now showing exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas from United International Pictures Philippines, released through Columbia Pictures. Rated R-18 without cuts.


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  1. Just like the comment above, I was hoping for something better. The trailer look a little mysterious.. in a good way. I might have to see it for myself. Thanks for the review!

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