MOVIE REVIEW: Relative Happiness (2015)

Relative Happiness 00

Directed by Deanne Foley

Lexi Ivy is one of 4 daughters of a couple who you may think will have a good offspring. She’s beautiful like her sisters but not physically fit like them. And though she’s not as physically appealing as her sisters, she still has a positive attitude. Until her sister decides to get married and her family is sort of torturing her if she’ll be bringing a date on the wedding.

Relative Happiness starts wonderful but poorly tries to handle the drama halfway of the movie. Melissa Bergland is a delight though. She seems natural in comedy that the unnecessary scenes in the film are bearable with her charms. The story is predictable and familiar but its simple and relaxed treatment makes it a decent watch movie.

You might not get a lot of drama or relatable situations to compensate for its lack of creativity in writing but with Berland and the film’s enjoyable story and characters, you get what you expect. It’s just an offbeat watchable film that gets its energy from the charms of its star.



2.5 Stars

“Relative Happiness” is now showing in select cinemas from Solar Pictures Philippines. Rated PG-13 by the MTRCB.

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