MOVIE REVIEW: Toto (2015)


TOTO (2015) Review
Directed by John Paul Su

Toto, played by Sid Lucero is a hardworking Filipino who wants to work abroad to earn more, to become more than what he thinks of himself. Having done everything legally to pursue his dream but failed, Toto with the help of some friends try something he’s not comfortable with.

The film shows the optimistic side in Filipinos. Whether you’re in a bad and helpless situation, we find ways to see the brighter side, to not take things seriously, to always be positive of whatever it is that comes our way. And there’s always that strong charm underdogs have, making their story close to our hearts. Sid Lucero is always flawless in whatever he does and not surprisingly, even in comedy. He’s just easy to look at here, he’s got the looks and his eyes tells everything you need to know about Toto.

Toto, is a story close to our hearts, director John Paul Su clearly wants to show that. Its take on how Filipinos have this American dream may not be a hundred percent on point but the message is there. You can see it, and feel it. There are problems with its pacing and sequencing though, you could wish that things were done differently because it’s the plausible option for the characters but it did not affect the film’s charm. You just have to see Sid Lucero in every indie film he’s in, you’ll mostly end up thanking yourself if you did.

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3.5 Stars

“Toto” is part of the Metro Manila Film Festival New Wave Category and will have screenings at SM Megamall, Glorietta and Robinsons Manila from December 17 – 24.

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