Tom Hardy Plays Twins in the Crime Drama Biopic ‘Legend’

Legend explores the rise and fall of notorious British twin gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray. Told through the eyes of Reggie’s wife, Frances – played by Emily Browning – the film tracks the brothers and their co-dependent, yet contentious relationship, during their reign in the east end of London in the 60’s.

Legend 01

Their ultimate downfall, after a tragic event, leads to imprisonment for life.

Versatile actor Tom Hardy stars as both Reggie and Ronnie. Hardy was originally more interested in the Ronnie half of the duo, but developed a relationship with both roles after mastering playing two characters in the film. It’s a feat that not many actors have had the opportunity to try, and it provided an exciting challenge for the actor.

He starred in last year’s Mad Max: Fury Road, directed by no other than George Miller which is one of the most critically-acclaimed films of 2015. He made his debut as an actor in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down but was more known for his roles in Inception, Warrior and Batman’s arch nemesis, Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

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“Legend” also stars Emily Browning (Suckerpunch), Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service) and Christopher Eccleston (Thor: The Dark World) directed by Brian Helgeland (42). In Philippine cinemas January 8, 2016 from Multivision Pictures Entertainment Philippines, a proud partner of VIVA International Pictures.

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