MOVIE REVIEW: The Forest (2016)

THE FOREST (2016) Review
Directed by Jason Zada

Fresh from her fame in the HBO’s critically-acclaimed and worldwide hit series Game of Thrones, Natalie Dormer started to get more roles on the big screen including Cressida in the Hunger Games last two installments, Mockingjay Part 1 and 2.  Though Dormer is a delight in those films, The Forest seems to make her a mediocre actor.

The Forest may have a very interesting setting and plot, but it wasn’t welcomed to its advantage for it to be a decently produced supernatural horror film. It’s hardly terrifying, it only uses jump scares that wasn’t executed effectively. But the atmosphere though, it’s there. You do feel chilly as the film enters the Suicide Forest, and it does try in adding ghostly figures but was used hardly in the entire film.

Supernatural horror films usually dives deep more than its psychology. Yes the film turned its main actor crazy dangerous and it felt forced and predictable. Natalie Dormer tries but the material wasn’t good. It’s a shame because they actually went to Japan to film it, the effort put by the production may not be as equal to the film’s quality but some of it was visible like its cinematography. But sadly, that isn’t enough.



1.5 Stars

“The Forest” is now showing in Philippine cinemas from Columbia Pictures. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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