MOVIE REVIEW: The Choice (2016)

THE CHOICE (2016) Review
Directed by Ross Katz

We all know Nicholas Sparks’ works are all these romantic dramas that is marketed to women and those who are hopeless romantics that fantasizes love in a emotionally huge way. But The Choice is probably the worst Nicholas Sparks film adaptation so far. It lacks a compelling and thrilling story for the audience to completely surrender attention to its characters and their love story.To emphasize its dullness, The Choice is about two uninteresting characters in one uninteresting story done in the most uninteresting way.

Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker looks… cute. And though that might be a good start that these actors have chemistry, the whole film can’t actually rely only on that. It’s still cheesy at some point but there’s hardly anything you can enjoy. Not one deeply though of scene that you can bring you to tears or at least make you feel the pain or the love the characters offers and gets. You won’t feel anything, won’t be moved by its story or be surprised by its twists. If the book was close to the film’s story, Nicholas Sparks be going through something because it’s not good or new in any way.

17 The Choice


1 Star

“The Choice” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from VIVA Films and Multivision Entertainment Philippines. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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