MOVIE REVIEW: Midnight Special (2016)

Directed by Jeff Nichols

No, this isn’t from J.J. Abrams that it’s plot is almost a mystery to those who’ve seen the trailer. Midnight Special is a science-fiction film though but not a big-budgeted one. Director Jeff Nichols is known for his works like Mud and Take Shelter, both which are very personal stories that doesn’t go big on the drama but manages to keep the audiences engaged from start to finish and Midnight Special is one of those little science-fiction gems that uses the genre on a more grounded story when science-fiction meets reality.

We get to be introduced to the story’s turning point as the film starts which is an interesting treatment for a film but it’s actually a smart one. This allows the audience to be engaged with the film, how it will uncover its mysteries as the story progresses. Its eerie scoring makes the film weirder as it envelops you to the journey of Alton. It’s a well-written science-fiction, one that lingers even after you leave the cinema.

Its oddness isn’t contained only in its characters but also while the film moves forward, it begins to develop in its setting. But what made Midnight Special special is that even with its science fiction theme, this is a personal story, one that revolves around a certain family who may or may not get the chance to spend the rest of their son’s life with them. The emotions are growing and it’s evident in its characters. You just feel the sadness and fear of not having to be there for someone you love or be present for when they grow old.

20 Midnight Special


4 Stars

“Midnight Special” opens in Philippine cinemas on April 20 at Century City Mall Cinemas, Commercenter Cinemas, Eastwood Cinemas, Festival Mall Cinemas & Shang Cineplex, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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