MOVIE REVIEW: The Surprise (2015)

THE SURPRISE (2015) Review
Directed by Mike van Diem

“De Surprise” aka The Surprise marks the long-awaited return of Mike van Diem (of 1997 “Karakter” acclaim). It is quite a surprise that we’re getting the film locally for a wide release.

Quite lovely and fun, The Surprise has all the basic elements needed for a decent romantic-comedy film. There’s also its predictability that diminishes its ability to engage its audience. Koningsbrugge and Verbaan gives all the charm the film needs and they sure look like they enjoyed every bit of scene they did. Their relationship in the movie visibly progressed to the usual boy-meets-girl and they fell in love in the process.

But the film doesn’t grasp its attack on its comedy, at times its just a simple comedy, and the others, dark. Not that it’s wrong, the scenes were just handled not in the best way possible. You feel unattached to its story at times that it becomes tedious and boring.

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3 Stars

“The Surprise” opens May 11, 2016 in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Solar Pictures. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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