MOVIE REVIEW: The Achy Breaky Hearts (2016)

Directed by Antoinette Jadaone

How would you choose between two effective love teams? Who would you want to win if both deserves to be together? How would you feel if you’ve been single for a very long time and is suddenly involved in a love triangle? Antoinette Jadaone’s The Achy Breaky Hearts may lack a solid emotional insight of its main character, Chinggay, but it tells something honest from her character that it lingers in your thoughts as it applies in real life.

The film tells the story of Chinggay played effectively by Jodi Sta. Maria. Sta. Maria embraces the character with grace and sincerity, in which the film benefits from. It wouldn’t have been as fun or as colorful if it wasn’t Jodi Sta. Maria, maybe it would be different but she understands the character that everything looks natural. Being single at her age, mid 30s, isn’t the usual status these days, as relatives and friends will always question about your future and your love life. It is very Filipino, and Chinggay’s choices are very much like the women of today.

Single but hopeful of love Chinggay finds herself alone in a pool of busy friends and a world which can be more meaningful and enjoyable with someone to be with. Comes Ryan (Ian Veneraction), the not-planned-falling-in-love type of love which is too good to be true but her ex-boyfriend, Frank (Richard Yap), returns in the most unexpected way. And so the battle for Chinggay’s heart begins.

The film is pleasant overall though some of the scenes feel prolonged and repetitive. But with Sta Maria, Veneracion and Yap’s charm, everything is entertaining from their undeniable chemistry, with both leading men, to their ability to put their heart out in their performance. There really is no denying that director Antoinette Jadaone is one of those effective directors that can easily and decently present relatable situations in a film. But while everything might be pleasing and decent, the film doesn’t get as deep as it could have been. The story, Chinggay’s story is sensitive at times, especially to the single persons who can relate to her. It’s sometimes confusing whether you feel depressed or happy about being single, choosing to be single and being an empowered single. But it deals it with sincerity, the struggles a single person experience and the fears they think when entering (finally) into a relationship.

29 The Achy Breaky Hearts


3.5 Stars

“The Achy Breaky Hearts” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Star Cinema. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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  1. Movie was just ok… It feels like minadali ang paggawa. I expected more from it and i was kind of disappointed. Buti na lng si Jodi, Ian and Richard ang gumanap.

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