Celebrate “Gayness” in Regal Films’ ‘That Thing Called Tanga Na’

“Maybe that’s why they are called gay, kasi masayahin sila!”  Actor Billy Crawford says during the bloggers conference of their upcoming comedy film “That Thing Called Tanga Na.”

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Regal Entertainment, Inc. proudly presents their newest offering for the month of August, “That Thing Called Tanga Na,” starring Billy Crawford, Kean Cipriano, Mart Escudero, Eric Quizon and Angeline Quinto. The film is directed by veteran and award-winning director, Joel Lamangan who has works that also celebrates the ingenuity of the Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community like Manay Po, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah and Pusong Mamon, all produced by Regal Films.

The film is Mother Lily’s gift for her friends in the LGBT community who have helped her through the years in building Regal Entertainment, Inc. where it is now. That Thing Called Tanga Na’s release date, August 10, is actually 9 days before her birthday on August 19.

Since they first started producing fifty five years ago, gays have been close to Mother Lily’s heart even before there’s what we call now the LGBT. She’s fond of the company the gay people give and consider them as not just her colleagues but also friends in the industry. She only has high respects for the gay people who she has worked with.

Box-office comedy films from yesteryears “Petrang Kabayo,” Kumander Gringa,” Bala at Lipstick” and more have evolved into “Manay Po,” “Happy Together” and more. Now, as the LGBT community evolves into a much welcomed environment today, the film “That Thing Called Tanga Na” is her special gift and tribute not just to the gays but also those who are stupid because of love.

Eric plays “Papa Chui,” who is the eldest among the group and has a boy toy whom he supports financially, more than what he needed. Mart Escudero plays “Gerorgette,” a transsexual who wants to have a child so he can build his own family. Billy Crawford plays gay for the first time as “Baldo,” a closet body guard who also has a closet boyfriend played by Paolo Gumabao. Kean Cipriano plays the role of “CC,” the possessive fashion designer who wants to walk the aisle and is friends with Shirley played by Angeline Quinto, an event specialist and trying hard singer who has problems with her boyfriend.

The film also stars Albie Casino, Nikki Valdez, Ken Alfonso, Lawrence Yap, Vangie Labalan and more. The premiere night is scheduled on August 9 at SM Megamall Cinema 7.

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Headlined by top actors of this generation and a premier director of the country, “TTCTN” will not just deliver laughs but also heartfelt stories for the audience. “That Thing Called Tanga Na” opens August 10 in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Regal Entertainment, Inc. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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