MOVIE REVIEW: Godzilla Resurgence: The IMAX Experience (2016)

Directed by Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi

Surprising as it may seem, but one of Japan’s monster is getting a release in the largest screen in the world, Godzilla Resurgence definitely deserves the IMAX treatment, to see the little details of its wide scope. Thankfully, it’s not a missed opportunity as the film is one compelling monster film that isn’t just about releasing the monster and wreaking havoc in the city but it’s mostly about the politics behind the action in disasters, in this case, in Japan.

On a peaceful day, a sudden disturbance in the ocean that turned out to be more than something ordinary is a start of something huge, something catastrophic that the government of Japan will have their thinking hats out on a limb as it’s their citizens affected in every action they make.

This is the reason why Godzilla Resurgence is interesting every scene, every turn. The film, while the subtitles flashed are quite hard to follow at times, gives an insightful view on how the politicians think and how decisions are being planned, at least how they do it in Japan, in the film. You get to understand the delay in action, the trial and error of their efforts in saving their nation from disaster.

Godzilla Resurgence is most definitely a monster movie, but it’s not just about tearing Tokyo or Japan into pieces or destroying everything in the monster’s way, it’s more about the people. The whole film is setting up its counteraction to the monster that is Godzilla, smartly and sensitively. Even though half of the movie shows people talking to each other, the film doesn’t lose the power to get the attention of its audience.

There’s power on how it presents the chaos inside the government and outside the streets where Godzilla unleashes his outrage. It’s not what you expect from a Godzilla film, but it’s deeply satisfying.

31 Godzilla Resurgence


4 Stars

“Godzilla Resurgence” is now showing in Philippine cinemas and IMAX Theatres nationwide from Pioneer Films. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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