Ian Veneracion & Iza Calzado in Dan Villegas’ First Horror Pic “Ilawod”

“Ilawod” or downstream describes the direction towards the mouth of the river, in which the current flows.

One of Quantum Films’ upcoming movies, Ilawod is directed by award-winning and box-office director Dan Villegas (English Only, Please, How To Be Yours). Starring Iza Calzado, Ian Veneracion, Therese Malvar, Xyriel Manabat, Epy Quizon, Nico Antonio and Harvey Bautista.

Check out its stars Ian Veneracion, Iza Calzado, Epy Quizon, Therese Malvar, Harvey Bautista, Nico Antonio and Joel Saracho in these film stills and behind the scenes photos from their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ilawodthewaterspirit):

Ilawod is the story of a family’s breakdown in the midst of a demonic attack. Dennis, a reporter, accidentally invites the ilawod–the elemental of water that flows downstream–into his home, where it latches onto his young son, Ben. What follows is a battle for not just the family’s lives, but their souls as well.
“Ilawod” opens soon in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Quantum Films.

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