#QCinema2016 Reviews: Best. Partee. Ever., Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B & Purgatoryo

The 4th QCinema International Film Festival runs from October 13 to 22 at Robinsons Movieworld Galleria, U.P. Town Center, Gateway Cineplex and TriNoma Mall Cinemas.

Here are the reviews of the three entries of the Circle Competition of the QCinema International Film Festival:


BEST. PARTEE. EVER. by Howard HF Yambao

JC de Vera as a gay inmate participating in hilarious and provocative happenings inside the prison, what more would you want? That’s precisely the question. Best Partee Ever has all the interesting themes it wants to present, but its end product lacks in how it tells its main character’s story clearly.

HF Yambao’s directorial debut has timely themes, drugs and gay abuse, while these are obvious from start to finish, these issues aren’t as bold as the story being built through them. But Best Partee Ever is hilarious and fun at times thanks to its cast, and it gets to be sincere when it stops and tells Mikey’s story which is what you would want from it. Mikey may not be confused with his sexuality but he is confused with his life, JC de Vera gets that, he may not be consistent in portraying a gay but he gets the part being confused and lost in a new world he has entered.

What makes the film more fun is its supporting cast, which sadly didn’t have that much focus in the movie. The moment Aaron Rivera as Marby is introduced in the movie, you instantly get interested with his character. Not just because he portrays it perfectly but because there’s another story there you would want to see. Then, the love angle with Jordan Herrera enters, it may be as simple as 1 plus 1 but the connection between Mikey and Pitik needs a deeper story. The hilarious gay inmates which are called “Gang-Da” led by Shandii Bacolod and Xixi Maturan add color to the fun of the film with their “bisaya” and war freak characteristic. Also, we get to see a different Mercedes Cabral in the film, which she portrayed flawless as always. These characters along with Acey Aguilar and Angela Cortez would’ve had gave the film more juice if their characters were more story.

It’s a fun and decent pastime but there’s just more to it, and you want to see it.

Screening Schedule:


p style=”text-align:justify;”>October 18. Tuesday.
1PM. Gateway Cineplex 1.
6PM. Trinoma Cinema 1.
830PM. Robinsons Movieworld Galleria – Cinema 7.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>October 20. Thursday.
4PM. UP Town Center.
6PM. Gateway – Cineplex 1.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>October 21. Friday.
6PM. Robinsons Movieworld Galleria – Cinema 7.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>October 22. Saturday.
1PM. Trinoma – Cinema 1



A year after his first film, Prime Cruz is back in QCinema with another romance film, but the twist? The leading lady is a “manananggal.” Ryza Cenon plays Jewel, the introvert who lives next to the apartment where Nico (Martin del Rosario) moves to. The two get to know each other as they bond and slowly, but unsure, they feel something for each other. It may be your common love story, but Jewel is a monster, a killer, but it’s a part of her, something she can’t control all the time.

Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B, like Sleepless is a slow-paced film. Director Prime Cruz wants to establish how Jewel lives, how she moves, how she spends her time in a realistic way. It might look boring but that’s the way it is. With Ryza Cenon’s effective portrayal of the mysterious Jewel, the beautiful cinematography and amazing soundtrack, the film is spellbinding, one that will take you until it unleashes the wings of its monster and be in awe of its impressive CGI and build up to its romance.

Screening Schedule:


p style=”text-align:justify;”>October 17, Monday – 9:00pm – Robinsons Galleria
October 18, Tuesday – 8:30pm – Trinoma
October 19, Wednesday – 3:30pm – Gateway
October 19, Wednesday – 6:00pm – Robinsons Galleria
October 21, Friday – 1:30pm – U.P. Town Center
October 21, Friday – 3:30pm – Trinoma
October 21, Friday – 6:00pm – Gateway
October 21, Friday – 6:30pm – Robinsons Galleria


PURGATORYO by Derick Cabrido

How Purgatoryo builds its tense is commonly found in horror films, but it’s not a horror movie. The horror in the film is that realizing that maybe we’re all dead inside, maybe just animated by our hopes, our lost dreams and by hanging on to people we love.
Derick Cabrido’s Purgatoryo may not have a solid story to tell, but maybe that’s the idea? It tells the story of people who works in a funeral, using unidentified dead bodies and make money out of it. Maybe the idea is that we’re all just passing by, that the events in our lives are just something we do with our time, waiting for our time to come to an end. Bernardo Bernardo, Jess Mendoza, Kristoffer King, Arnold Reyes, Rollie, Innnocencio and Elora Españo did a tremendous job in the film but Cabrido’s ability to build suspense and give its audience ideas that aren’t going to happen but will scare them is the main attraction here.
Screening Schedule:
October 18 – 6:00PM, Galleria 7
October 19 – 6:00PM, TriNoma 1
October 19 – 8:30PM, Gateway 1
October 20 – 1:00PM, Gateway 1
October 20 – 3:30PM, Gallerian 7
October 20 – 6:30PM, UP Town Center
October 21 – 1:00PM, TriNoma 1
The QCinema International Film Festival 2016  will run from October 13 to 22, 2016. It will be held at four mall venues namely,Ayala TriNoma, Gateway Cinemas, Robinsons Galleria and U.P. Town Center.
For more information, visit http://www.qcinema.ph or you can visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/QuezonCityFilmFest/

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