Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto Reunite with Antoinette Jadaone to Helm Their Film

Two of the stars of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 teen romance comedy flick Vince & Kath & James is reuniting for another Star Cinema film now under the direction of Antoinette Jadaone (That Thing Called Tadhana).

Check out their story conference here:

The film is about a guy (Garcia) who meets the oddest woman (Barretto) in his life, too odd, she believes in aliens. So because he likes this woman, he goes with every crazy thing she believes.

The story will explore the inner craziness of two people and in the process, they will experience love unlike any “millennials” have experienced before.

Photos courtesy of Star Cinema

No playdate has been announced yet, and Star Cinema has a dozen of films lined up.

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