“Finally Found Someone” Review: Going Back to Generic Romantic Comedies

Directed by Theodore Boborol

Four (4) years after the conclusion of the story of Laida and Miggy, Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz reunite in rather another romantic comedy film Finally Found Someone.

Directed by Theodore Boborol, from last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival’s Vince and Kath and James, the film feels like a tired and cliched Filipino romantic comedy film. Don’t get me wrong, John Lloyd Cruz is still as effective as ever as a leading man and a dramatic actor, and Sarah Geronimo seems to have blossomed into a mature leading lady. The problem isn’t with the cast, it’s with the story and how it was told.

Finally Found Someone is probably one of the most predictable romantic comedies in the Philippines. It opened with its complication and concludes with the most foreseeable ending. But it does not end there. John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo looks like they’re enjoying each other’s company which makes their chemistry even more solid, but the flow of the story does not compliment the tandem of Cruz and Geronimo.

It is quite a downer from their successful rom-com trilogy that made them box-office royalties. And Star Cinema’s two recent films (Can We Still Be Friends and Bloody Crayons) were actually enjoyable. It is the company’s road to going back to generic romantic comedy films, which only serves best the fans.

It’s not a bad film per se, but it is disappointing. Disappointing that these artists including MMFF Best Supporting Actor Christian Bables deserve better. They deserve a better story, characters that will let the audience see them different from what they’ve done before.

We still see Cruz being a career-driven man and still has issues with his family, Geronimo, while clearly matured as an artist, still is that person who believes in love.

There are sequences that are enjoyable, but that’s because the two have worked on their rapport and manages to do something that transcends the screen. But the whole film offers nothing new. And you go out of the cinema thinking you’d rather see another Laida and Miggy story than a film that feels rushed and tiring.

26 Finally Found Someone


2 stars

“Finally Found Someone” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from VIVA Films and Star Cinema. Rated G by the MTRCB.

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