“The Debutantes” Cast Talk About Experiencing Bullying

Regal Entertainment Inc. and The IdeaFirst Company’s upcoming teen mystery thriller tackles bullying inside the school which will lead to unexplainable happenings to the “It” girls which will be played by Jane de Leon, Michelle Vito and Chanel Morales. The victim of bullying? Sue Ramirez’s character Kate.

But have they experienced bullying before?

Watch how the cast reveal their bullying experiences before:

Five girls aspiring for a blissful 18th birthday celebration unveil a mystery from their past, that turns their party into a bloody event.

Starring Sue Ramirez, Miles Ocampo, Michelle Vito, Jane de Leon, Chanel Morales and Paolo Gumabao, directed by Prime Cruz (Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B).

The Debutantes Poster

“The Debutantes” opens in Philippine cinemas October 4, 2017 from Regal Entertainment, Inc. and The IdeaFirst Company. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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