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“Changing Partners” Review: Love and Pain are Universal

Directed by Dan Villegas

There haven’t been that much musicals in Philippine cinema especially in independent film festivals. So, can we call Vincent de Jesus’ Changing Partners a game changer? Perhaps. Though deeply emotional, the more captivating feat of the movie is how it presented its story.

Love is universal, pain is universal. Whether you’re in a guy-girl relationship or in a guy-guy, girl-girl relationship what’s make it the same are the bonding moments, the intimate moments, the arguments, the petty fights, the big fights, the moments of jealousy, how everything started and how everything could end. Changing Partners tells the story of Cris and Alex, portrayed by Agot Isidro, Sandino Martin, Jojit Lorenzo and Anna Luna.

Imagine four actors playing more than two roles in a movie that is still told in a linear narrative, it’s confusing. But once you get a grip of what is actually happening, that they are portraying different characters but presenting the same stories, everything becomes clear.

The fights, the difficulties that Alex and Cris go through is as painful as it is in real life. The dialogues, through music reflect real life arguments, real life fights with your loved one that the pain, the vision of a relationship resonates extraordinarily.

Director Dan Villegas has outdone himself in directing one of the most difficult plays to adapt on the big screen. I may have issues on the shots as they may feel anti-musical, but the message of the film is heard and felt, loud and clear.

31 Changing Partners



“Changing Partners” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Cinema One Originals, distributed by Star Cinema. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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