“The Girl From Yesterday” – An Addition to Unforgettable Asian Romance Movies

My Sassy Girl, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, My Little Bride, Hello Stranger, Windstruck and My Boyfriend is Type B, these are some examples of those timeless romance movies that came from Asian countries.

What sets them apart is that they imbue magic in the story they’re telling even if its familiar or most of the time predictable. The characters are engaging, bubbly and most of all, relatable. It captures what our hearts desire, what our fantasies crave and what our vision of love or relationship reflects.

There is this new romance film that should be added to the list of unforgettable Asian rom-com titled The Girl from Yesterday.

The film is from Vietnam and tells the story of Thu who is head over heels in love with Viet An as soon as he sees her enter their classroom for the first time. Yes, it is set in high school and it will give you nostalgia of all the memories you’ve had when you were young, the good and the bad. This is why The Girl from Yesterday will give you an authentic escape to your childhood and at the same time give you romantic feels  perfect this Valentine’s season.

14 The Girl from Yesterday

“The Girl from Yesterday” is now showing in Philippine cinemas from CJ Entertainment and Yes! CMG, locally distributed by Rafaella Films International.

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