“Sin Island” Review: Glossy and Steamy but Laughable


SIN ISLAND (2018) Review
Directed by Gino M. Santos

A return to sexy suspense thrillers for Star Cinema, Sin Island starts slow but ends with a bang. It’s entertaining when it gets to its turning point but also gets sloppy in telling its story.

The film tells the story of husband and wife David and Kanika (Xian Lim and Coleen Garcia) who are in the prime of their lives with their respective careers but also has the fire for each other. Until one day when David had a difficult situation with his work that it led him to being someone Kanika doesn’t desire. And then everything went worse when Tasha (Nathalie Hart) entered their lives.

The film started with a simple plant and pay-off with David’s sudden career fall but what it didn’t notice is that it also planted some information that wasn’t used in one of the most needed moment of the main character. You don’t say “I have CCTVs here,” and then a lawyer and possible informant will say it’s hard to bring that person down.

But then again, the main attraction of the film is its ability to arouse and to entertain. We have three very appealing cast in the film so the way to arouse wouldn’t be that hard. Lim, Garcia and Hart did some artistic love scenes here with the way it was shot and executed.

The film’s strongest element though is its third party, Nathalie Hart as Tasha. The girl is effective in being a temptress and being crazy. The third act of the film wouldn’t be as entertaining if it wasn’t for her.

Sin Island can be a decent entertainment, far from being bad but also far from being good. It has its moments but it’s hard to be engaged in a film where it took more than enough time to establish its back story and get to its turning point.

14 Sin Island


2.5 stars

“Sin Island” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Star Cinema. Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

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