“Every Day” Review: Interesting but Makes the Idea of Love Nauseating

EVERY DAY (2018) Review
Directed by Michael Sucsy

A soul who “possesses” different bodies a day and keeps coming to that girl he/she have fallen in love with. The plot is tricky but interesting, two things that the film adaptation of Every Day has as its advantage and disadvantage.

The main reason of it all is love, it may sound like a good thing but when priorities and other people come into play, it’s complicated. You see, Rhiannon and A (whoever he/she may be at that moment) are in their 16 years of age, and while it may be the age for teens exploring their lives, the idea of prioritizing love, which is presented in the film in a nauseating way.

Okay, Angourie Rice is charming, displays what it may be for a girl in her 16s, hopeful of the idea of love and most of all, she’s pleasant to watch.

Every Day isn’t as thought-provoking as it could be, it tries to teach some life lessons but passes on what looks to be more important. It gets you stuck on the film presenting life as if priorities shouldn’t be there, the convenience of having to pull more audience on the teen drama romance angle rather than telling a story of a complicated life of two people who changed each of their lives forever.



2 stars

“Every Day” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Pioneer Films. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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