Chinese Blockbuster Film “Never Say Die” Now Showing in PH Cinemas

Prepare for a LOL (laugh out loud) big screen experience as “Never Say Die,” the body-swapping sports comedy film that has broken box-office records in China, which opened in Philippine cinemas February 28.

“Never Say Die” is top billed by Chinese superstars Ai Lun and Ma Li, and was helmed by Song Yang and Zhang Chiyu. It is an adaptation of Manhua Funage stageplay of the same title, which was also directed by Song and Zhang.

The film tells the story of Ai Disheng (Ai Lun), a mixed-martial arts fighter and Ma Xiao (Ma Li), a high-profile female journalist, who mysteriously switch bodies after an accidental kiss charged with electricity by the strike of a lightning.

From this, will they be able to handle a parade of hilarious gender-crossed situations and misunderstandings?

Ai Lun and Ma Li’s experience in comedic theater, since they topbilled Manhua Funage’s “Goodbye Mr. Loser” in 2016, made them perfectly-suited for their roles.

To the Hollywood’s surprise, on the other hand, “Never Say Die” has beat a number of comedy blockbusters including “Meet the Fockers,” “Hangover,” “Night at the Museum,” and “Kung Fu Yoga”

“I’ve been a fan of Chinese movies for over 15 years and am pleased to see how far they’ve come in that time. It’s great to see even their comedies finding a wider international appeal,” said American producer Alan Noel Vega in an interview with Xinhua.

Yu Hong, a moviegoer, meanwhile, thought that “the film’s success owns much to the actors’ skill.”

“They were professional and impressive and their body language really fit the story,” he added.

“Never Say Die” is acquired by businessman Walter Co, who brought the film versions of hit anime series “Ghost Fighter” and “Dragon Ball Z” to the Philippines. He has also brought hit Asian films such as “Lover’s Concerto,” “Initial D,” and “The Banquet” to the country.

Never Say Die Poster

Do not miss “Never Say Die” in Philippine theaters now, distributed by Star Cinema.

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