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“Journeyman Finds Home: The Simone Rota Story” Review: A Heartwarming Homecoming

Directed by Albert Almendralejo, Maricel Cariaga

It was one of the most unpretentious documentaries I’ve seen, expecting a biography of a person that focuses on his life in the sports he dedicated his life to, but there’s a lot more to Simone Rota than just footballing, and that is presented here in Journeyman Finds Home: The Simone Rota Story.

We discover his roots, his passion, his struggles but we also learn his strength and his weakness. Journeyman Finds Home gives us an insight on how Simone Rota lived, on how he grew up and how fate brings him home to the Philippines.

The visual journey of Simone Rota is there but it also taps on the emotional side of the footballer. The testimonials of his family, his friends and the people around him. We get to know Simone on a personal level, what he does for the people he loves and the sports that helped him make who he is.

There are surprising details the documentary tells, about his true family, where he came from and what he does to discover more about his identity. Journeyman Finds Home: The Simone Rota Story is a documentary worth seeing as it satisfies you visually and emotionally.

Journeyman Finds Home



“Journeyman Finds Home: The Simone Rota Story” special screening was made possible by the Davao Aguilas Football Club (DAFC).

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