Ryan Reynolds Invades Seoul, Korea for “Deadpool 2”

 Ryan Reynolds’ recent tour (May 1) in Seoul, Korea sent the fans in droves in Lotte World mall to promote his latest “Deadpool 2” movie


                Ryan Reynolds posed for pictures with the fans and signed memorabilia, even signed the masks of those who came in costumes and held the phones of the fans to take selfies with them.

                Ryan Reynolds not only stars in the title role, he also co-wrote and produced “Deadpool 2.” “Ryan is an incredible comedic talent,” says Deadpool 2 director David Leitch, “and “Deadpool” works as a perfect ground for things he really excels at. He took that character from the comic books and made it his own brand. There’s a synergistic effect with “Deadpool” and Ryan. He really is Deadpool in real life – in terms of the way he talks and sees the world, sometimes. He’s funny and irreverent but also has a huge heart and compassion, like Deadpool.”

                Pinoy martial artist also serves as stunt coordinator in “Deadpool 2”  who says that the movie is bigger, crazier, more expensive, than the first. All of the set pieces are three times what you saw in the first one. The challenge is to always do something you haven’t done before and keep everything new and dynamic.”  Eusebio also did stunt coordination for films such as Hitman, John Wick, Bourne Ultimatum and 300.

              16 Deadpool 2

  From 20th Century Fox, “Deadpool 2” opens May 16 in Philippine cinemas nationwide (ahead of the US) and will have early previews on May 15 in select cinemas starting 5:00pm.

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