European influences in Philippine Cinema at Cine Europa 2018

Every year, the European Delegation to the Philippines presents Cine Europa, which is considered as the country’s foremost festival exclusively devoted to showcasing the best motion pictures from the European continent. Now, on its 21st year, Cine Europa will be held in Manila, at the Shangri-La Mall Cineplex, from December 6-16.  Films and documentaries from the Philippines that have European connections or content complement the screenings with educational forums and lectures that will be held from December 12 to 14, 11 am to 1 pm.

The festival will open on December 6 with “Selfie 69,” a Romanian film about three female friends who, after a night of hardcore partying, make a bet among which of them can get married in just three days.

Eminent film historian and award-winning filmmaker Nick Deocampo and regional cinema advocate Elvert Bañares will be the featured speakers at the Cine Europa lectures.

Nick Deocampo and Elvert Banares
Cine Europa 2018 speakers Nick Deocampo and Elvert Bañares

The series will kick off on December 12, Wednesday, with Mr. Deocampo delving on European culture and trends that have influenced Filipino cinema. Noted film artists from Europe and their works will be discussed.

On December 13, Thursday, the Mr. Deocampo will talk on the contribution of pioneer Filipino filmmaker Jose Nepomuceno and the developments 100 years after Philippine cinema’s birth.

The lecture series will conclude on December 14, Friday, with Mr. Bañares’ presentation and workshop on understanding cultures through film. He will cite specific movies from European cinema and Filipino regional cinema as examples.

A scene from the movie “Selfie 69,” a film from Romania featured in Cine Europa 2018

Cine Europa 2018 will close on December 16 with screenings of  “To See the Sea,” a family story from the Czech Republic that was made as if it was shot and edited by a 12-year old boy; Belgium’s comedy-drama “Allez, Eddy” about a son who goes against his father’s wishes and joins a cycling race; the Swedish film “A Holy Mess” about a family Yuletide reunion gone wrong; and the encore screening of “Selfie 69.”

Admission to the talks and screenings is free; availability of seating is on a first come, first served, basis. Gates will open at 10:30am.

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