Martin del Rosario: ‘Born Beautiful’ is More Than its Controversial Kissing Scenes

The common comment we got after the release of the red band trailer of Born Beautiful was full of wild kissing scenes. And though that might not be a big thing for some, the characters kissing are actually all male actors. Yes, Martin del Rosario, now playing the role of Barbs (previously played by Christian Bables) does wild kissing with his co-actors Akihiro Blanco (This Time I’ll Be Sweeter) and Kiko Matos (Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wi-Fi) in the new comedy drama movie directed by Perci Intalan.

Check out the trailer below:

But Martin points out that though the film offers those scenes children should not be seeing, Born Beautiful is more than that.

The kissing scenes in the trailer might got the attention of the viewers but the film offers more in terms of story and lesson.

Martin tells the story of the sequel to Die Beautiful is more mature. How the film tackles the life of a transgender is on a different, higher level.

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‘Born Beautiful’ opens in Philippine cinemas January 23, 2019 from Cignal Entertainment, OctoberTrain and The IdeaFirst Company. Rated R-18 by the MTRCB.

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