‘Sakaling Maging Tayo’ Review: Good Music, Good Mood, Good Movie

Directed by JP Habac

With great music, well-developed mood and undeniable chemistry from its two main characters, Sakaling Maging Tayo did not fail to charm from start to finish but it seems there is not enough meat in its story especially in the middle part.

You see, McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson are great on screen, portraying characters that are young and fragile but get to have moments to be free from all their problems even for just a couple of hours. That’s the strongest suit of the film, when it forgets all of the worries of its characters and have fun. The music, the mood, Baguio, the company of your friends, everything feels perfect for a coming-of-age film.

But the film feels paused at times, that the narrative does not move when it’s just all about the “dares.” I feel like there’s something missing when the film just pours out the challenges the two characters are doing, it does not go deeper in to what they’re going through or where they want to go emotionally.

That’s just the middle part of the film. It starts cute, like most coming-of-age romantic movies and ends beautifully. Director JP Habac does wonder in setting the mood of the film, a big thanks to Baguio for that. And the shots are mesmerizing as well, Baguio and McCoy and Elisse are framed stunningly throughout the film.

With the actors, McCoy de Leon is a Grade A charmer and Elisse Joson reacts to his charms wonderfully. The two are just fun and mesmerizing to watch. It doesn’t look and feel like this is their first big screen team up in a romance movie, there’s just too much to feel watching to two act. Paulo Angeles, Chai Fonacier and Milo Elmido, Jr doesn’t feel like props in the movie as they are essential to Pol and Laya.

The film is best when its loose, when it chooses to be free but it stumbles at times how to move its narrative forward. There’s enough beauty, pain and charm in it for the audience to embrace, making it a worthy watch even with its flaws.

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3 stars

‘Sakaling Maging Tayo’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Black Sheep. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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