Iza Calzado is Culion

Multi-awarded actress Iza Calzado signs her contract as an actress and executive producer of the upcoming historical drama film ‘Culion.’

Present during the contact signing are ‘Culion’ producer Shandii Bacolod, executive producer Gilie Sing, Iza Calzado’s manager Noel Ferrer and Iza Calzado herself.

Iza Calzado is Culion.

Producer Shandii Bacolod shares that even before talks with Iza Calzado were happening, she and writer Ricky Lee says that the main character Anna is written for Iza Calzado, or at least she was the inspiration of the character.

Iza on the other hand, is overwhelmed by that thought. Internationally-acclaimed writer Ricky Lee thinks of her as he writes a character of his story?

I kinda think Iza Calzado’s beauty is timeless. I mean, being cast in period movies like ‘Moments of Love’ and ‘Barber’s Tales,’ there isn’t coincidence. Of course, one of the reasons they cast her is because she’s a good actress but I believe that she has that charm and beauty that can transcend her generation.

Culion 01

Other cast members announced are Meryl Soriano. More announcements from our social media accounts soon.

Anyway, I’m really excited to see the whole of ‘Culion’ movie. You get award-winning director, writer and actress, how can you go wrong with that?

Hope it gets in at the Metro Manila Film Festival 2019 which it will be submitted.

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