‘Between Maybes’ Review: A Serendipitous Encounter


BETWEEN MAYBES (2019) Review
Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana

One is emotionally and mentally stable, the other one might be more financially stable but hasn’t figured out herself yet. Jason Paul Laxamana’s latest Black Sheep offering puts two contrasting characters which can also be viewed as where they came from: a star who came from the chaotic but beautiful Philippines, and a loner who stays in the serene but lonely Saga, Japan. When the two characters collide, I cannot help myself but smile.

Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson are more than effective in portraying their characters in Laxamana’s ‘Between Maybes.’ You can find the authenticity of their characters and when the two are together, you can see how they compliment each other in a way that goes beyond the limits of the screen. You don’t see Julia and Gerald, you see Hazel and Louie, being able to find what’s missing from their lives and be free from the miseries they’ve been keeping from themselves.

I find it beautiful when the two characters meet and they formed something more than just love. The story goes beyond the romance. It also tackles self-growth and how to be responsible for yourself and the decisions you make that also affects the people around you.

I was smiling and crying with hope with the film’s story. It progressed naturally, and the setting, Saga, helped a lot in giving the film a serene atmosphere.

It’s a beautiful story beautifully pictured. A serendipitous encounter if I may define. Saga is perfect for ‘Between Maybes’ and ‘Between Maybes’ is perfect for Saga, and for Julia and Gerald.

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‘Between Maybes’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Black Sheep. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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