#Cinemalaya2019: Regional Short Films, Bicol

It’s already hard to create a one-minute short film, what more in putting words in one-minute works but these Cinemalaya shorts by students from Bicol, Western Vizayas and Davao are worth a look. Here are some comments from their works:

Bicol, Set A

Routine by Kenneth Bosangit, Kaiko Villarey, Yzaak Manaog
Sa Oras ni Bathala by Rafael Ace Ubana, Sherdel Octa
Bingwit by John Cyrus Buenavente
Date by John Paul Fernandez, Izar Cohn Angeles, John Paul Tianes
Labas by Marielle Marbella, Sean Ethan Tan, Paulyn May Jumamil

Kudos to the filmmakers’ efforts in creating an animated film about loss and moving on. It may just be a one-minute short film but Routine’s message is well-delivered. Time and wealth are our most desired things in the world, but the things such as wealth we receive instantly, can be gone in just a snap. Something to ponder on in ‘Sa Oras ni Bathala.’ Karma, or the bad things we throw to others will come back to us, a reminder ‘Bingwit’ wants to show. But more than that, how we can easily throw trash anywhere can affect our nature which can affect our living. Undying love? Date tells no less on what a person who’s obsessive and possessive in love can do, ‘til death do they part. I’m not sure what Labas is all about, not being accepted everywhere? A one-minute short is perhaps not enough.

Bicol, Set B

Bitad by Kim Anjho Diaz
Saglit by Alfranz Joy Cambiado, Denver Ocfemia, Anne Fatima Garfin
Against the Current by JC Belisano
Jose Maria by Joshua Andrey Doce
Blah-Blah by Xhy

Perhaps one of my favorites, Bitad looks a bit like an advertisement, but there’s plenty to see in this in a span of 60 seconds. Short-lived romance can’t get any clearer than this, Saglit shows how a spark from two strangers can disappear immediately. Or was it just too early to assume that there’s anything? Pictures may not be enough for Against the Current’s filmmaker, I’m not comfortable with the short film’s narration. Understanding that it only has 60 seconds, it does feel like it’s in a hurry. I find it amazing seeing funny short films like Jose Maria. It’s simple but it definitely leaves a mark. A nice stop-motion short film, Blah-Blah takes the noise out in order to send its message. And it’s commendable.

Don’t miss the film debuts of finalists from Bicol, Davao City and Western Visayas! You can watch their films at Ayala Cinemas Legazpi, Vista Cinemas Naga, Capitol Central Bacolod, Vista Cinemas Iloilo and Abreeza Mall Davao

For more information, you can go to: https://www.facebook.com/CinemalayaOfficial/posts/2628284887182089

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