‘Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love’ Review: The Impact of True Friendship

Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana

I missed my high school barkada after seeing this film. Jason Paul Laxamana’s “millennial barkada movie” is a multi-layered look at the different types of what people call as “millennials.” Because this generation is often described as entitled and lazy, this might be a way to understand more of what today’s struggles are. But that’s not all there is.

It’s difficult to put a well-told story of five individuals in less than 120 minutes not affecting the quality and message of the film but Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love manages to do that. You get to enjoy four stories of five individuals and get a whole picture of what its like to have real friends and the impact of that friendship to each and every one of them.

Each stories tell the different personalities and struggles of the characters. Jane Oineza who plays Ma-An is an aspiring vlogger who has this part of her that measures her self-worth through the success of her vlogs but all of it wasn’t enough. Denzel, played by Jerome Ponce, tackles the gays who, you may call likes to explore and  isn’t ready for commitment, it’s just work and fun but suddenly finds the perfect guy to settle down with. Junamae and Hadji played by Myrtle Sarrosa and Albie Casino are the couple we’ve known since we’re high school or college. They seem perfect for each other even though they have different views. One wants to commit fully while the other one is fine without having labels and not tying the knot. But everything in the surface isn’t perfect until both of them pops. Lastly, Kurt played by Tony Labrusca, the workaholic friend who isn’t present at every outing or is there but isn’t emotionally or mentally available. His story this generation’s dilemma, balancing work life and social life and the things in between.

Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love is a love letter to this generation. To those who are looking for their place in the digital age, to those who have given up to love, to those who are still holding on to love, to life, this film shows we are much more than the things we post or show online. It shows the struggles we have are not the same as the previous’ generations, sometimes it’s harder even though we may present it’s easier.

It ultimately shows that it’s important we have a strong support system. People we can lean on whether we are in need or we just want to enjoy others’ company. This is an enjoyable and heartwarming film about the impact of true friendship and I was teary-eyed with its heartfelt twist in the end. And this would not have been effective if not for its talented artists and the people behind the camera.

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‘Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Regal Entertainment, Inc. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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