‘Mañanita’ was the right project for Bela Padilla and director Paul Soriano

“She said yes to me without a script, so I’m very thankful for the trust Bela gave me,” director Paul Soriano on getting Bela Padilla for the action thriller ‘Mañanita.’

The two have been wanting to work with each other for years now. Having known both their works, it was about finding the right material to work on and then comes ‘Mañanita.’

An ex-military sniper who was honorably discharged accepts a mission that will indefinitely change her life in the attempts to make ends meet. It is a quiet character study of when your life’s purpose is stripped away, but you still pursue it, only to realise that it could kill you.

The film competed at the recently concluded Tokyo International Film Festival in Japan and premiered lovally during the Cinema One Originals Film Festivals. It earned praises from various publications, calling it a “spellbindingly wonderful picture.”

Catch ‘Mañanita’ in Philippine cinemas December 4, 2019 from VIVA Films and TEN17p.

Watch our video coverage of the press conference below:

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