‘UnTrue’ Review: A Complex and Dangerous Love Story

UNTRUE (2020) Review
Directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

There’s danger in love, yes. But at times, those dangers make you feel alive. But what are the limits of the dangers in love and how can you tell if it’s still love or you’ve been trapped into something else?

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo’s ‘UnTrue’ is as complex to execute as its story. But with fine performances from Xian Lim and especially Cristine Reyes, the film delivered a twisted love story layered carefully by its writer and director.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not the easiest story to digest, mentally and emotionally. You get to see two sides of stories and start to wonder which one is telling the truth. But as the story progresses, you get to dive in in the personal journeys of both characters Mara and Joachim.

One of the hashtags for the film was #WatchItTwice, and as I’ve watched it first at the QCinema Film Festival as its opening film and second at the premiere night, I could say that the film was really developed meticulously. There are details in the film that’s clearer on second viewing, there are details that are, in a way, more satisfying as it feels like a puzzle being solved.

This is not your typical romance movie. This is not your typical Filipino movie. Sigrid Bernardo’s ‘UnTrue’ will make you think twice of its story. It will make you think about abuse, deception and how far will you go for love in a relationship. It will even make you think of what love is really about. There are a lot of love stories out there, but there’s almost nothing like ‘UnTrue.’

19 Untrue


3.5 stars

‘UnTrue’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from The IdeaFirst Company and VIVA Films. Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

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