Award Winning Filmmaker Jay Altarejos Finds Way to Help Movie Workers during ECQ thru ‘2076Kolektib’

The group of filmmakers, 2076Kolektib, headed by Jay Altarejos, is releasing a series entitled MGA YUGTO NG PAGKAMULAT which is inspired by their unreleased film WALANG KASARIAN ANG DIGMANG BAYAN and the 2014 Cinemalaya Best Film KASAL.


The series follows PAOLO (Oliver Aquino) and how he tries to make peace with his past relationships with SHERWIN (Arnold Reyes) and SANDINO (Sandino Martin) while navigating the horrors of the current social and political situations.

His journey with the people awakens his consciousness to fight with and for the people against the fascist Duterte regime.

The series is just one of the contents that have been rolled out online starting last  April, 20 (Saturday) at 420pm.

The 420P online channel of 2076Kolektib streams new content that reflects the stories of the masses, daily at 420pm.

Thus, 420P (pm, pasine, Pilipino).

Program line-up:


Wednesdays- Mga Yugto ng Pagkamulat (series)

Thursdays- Buhay/Pelicula/Fantasya/Realidad (online workshop/talk), about filmmaking and life by Jay Altarejos

Fridays- Siklo (series) a  love story bonded by music, but marred by violence starring Oliver Aquino and Elora Españo

Sundays- FB Live with Jay Altarejos and guests on current issues and concerns

Tuesdays- PaSine2020, screenings of feature and short films by Jay and other filmmakers.

The channel will utilize different platforms to stream its content. Viewers will just have to check on and for details.

The group aims to gather funds for their displaced film workers and for creating more content that truly reflects the truth of the oppressed, the marginalized, and the dispossessed.

Jay says, “We persevere to frame our narratives closest to the truth of the masses. Dahil ang mga palabas ng 2076Kolektib ay kwentong masa, para sa masa.”


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