‘My Gear and Your Gown’ and ‘A Chance to Love’ Add Variety to Pool of BL Contents

Are you still keeping up with the pool of boys love (BL) contents online? I, myself, is having a hard time. But two of the ongoing BL shows that I have my interest on are GMMTV’s ‘My Gear and Your Gown’ and Millennial’s Choice’s ‘A Chance to Love’ which is sort of the continuation of the 2018 hit BL series ‘Love by Chance,’ both of which are streaming exclusively on iflix and WeTV.

My Gear and Your Gown

Casting not-so-established actors for this series makes the watching experience refreshing. I don’t have much background on Marc and Win’s acting projects but they’re definitely good at acting. I’m familiar with Fiat and JJ, they’ve been in some BL series before.

Currently aired 2 episodes, My Gear and Your Gown is fast-paced and has established well on how the viewers will embrace them. I mean, Itt (Marc) may come off as a bad guy but we’ve seen that there’s a reason for it. And Pai (Win) is that sad rich boy who gets to find attention from a reckless and damaged guy. But they’re both more than that though.

I’m actually scared for what the series will unfold in the coming episodes. Having a character close to the lead in a hospital, and the opening billboard isn’t as upbeat as most boys’ love series, I feel like the audience should have caution on what to expect. But that makes it more interesting, more intriguing – what will happen next? What will the upcoming events do to the development of the characters of Itt and Pai?

That’s what we’re going to find out.

My Gear and Your Gown streams every Monday on WeTV and iflix at 8PM, Philippine time.

Love by Chance 2: A Chance to Love

Okay, I may not be the only one who’s a bit confused of their timeline, right? The story of #TinCan is being retold while Ae continues where Pete actually left him. It bothers me at times, but the thing is, Tin and Can’s story is really engaging that you’re going with the flow just fine.

We all feel Ae’s pain, even off cam. I mean, PerthSaint’s chemistry in the first one was amazing. And TinCan’s cat and dog’s relationship is fun to watch. Can being the naive and baby while Tin being the snob and pessimist handsome guy, the dynamics between the two is easily the reason why you can’t get much of the series.

Now going on its sixth episode, we’re looking to see more of how and why Tin acts that way. We’re looking to see how the romance of Tin and Can will grow more than how it was on Love by Chance. Will it have a happy ending unlike its predecessor? That’s what we’re hoping!

Tune in to A Chance to Love every Wednesday on WeTV and iflix, 9PM Philippine time.

I don’t know about you, but these two shows give different “feels” that add variety to the pool of boys love content online. And I’m more than excited to follow the stories of IttPai and TinCan on and off cam.

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