‘Goliath,’ ‘Quantum Suicide,’ ‘100 Midget Zombie Cannibals’ selected at the 25th BIFAN

On May 24, the 25th Bucheon International Film Festival (BIFAN, Festival Director: SHIN Chul) announced the 40 official selections from 29 countries for this year’s NAFF project market. The selections consist of 19 projects for It Project, 11 projects for Project Spotlight: Korea, 6 projects for Work in Progress, 2 projects for Nordic Genre Invasion, 1 project for Blood Window, and 1 project for Fantastic 7. Selected projects are listed in the table below.

A total of 202 projects from 40 countries were submitted for consideration for this year’s NAFF project market. This represents a year-on-year increase of 8 countries and 21 projects. The judges for this year included KIM Donghyeon (director, Merry Christmas), KIM Huiyeon (producer, Bound Entertainment), Ellen Y.D. KIM (chief programmer, BIFAN), MO Eunyoung (programmer, BIFAN), and EOM Yonghun (secretary-general, BIFAN). “There were many new and original projects, each captivating in their own way, that were about personal inner conflict, social irregularities, or were complex projects that merged several genres at once,” explained judge KIM Huiyeon. “I’m looking forward to everyone overcoming these difficult pandemic times, and watching these projects together, in their completed form, at BIFAN.”

This year, NAFF accepted submissions of series projects for the first time in its history. In order to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital media environment and the impact that the rise of OTT services has had on the production, distribution, and consumption of video content, series projects were screened, and Goliath from the Philippines was selected. The Work in Progress program was launched last year, with the support of the Seoul Business Agency. The program offers practical support to the Korean film industry, which is struggling due to COVID-19. The Work in Progress program, which offers post-production support (DI, sound mixing, DCP) to projects, selected a total of 6 projects this year, which is an increase from the three selected in the previous year.

While NAFF is in session, filmmakers of the selected projects will be given the opportunity to meet with producers, investors, and distributors from all over the world who work with genre films. Like the previous year, the one-on-one business meetings will be conducted via an online platform during the NAFF session (July 8-13), to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Since launching NAFF in 2008, BIFAN has been operating the world’s first project market for genre films and the Fantastic Film School. Over the years, a total of 65 projects have gone on to completion, including films such as The King of Pigs (2011), The Terror Live (2013), Eerie (2018), Motel Acacia (2019) and The Closet (2020). These films have been introduced to audiences from all over the world via international film festivals and movie theaters.

The 25th BIFAN will be held from July 8-18. For 11 days, the festival will offer both online and offline screenings, as well as audience events.

It Project Selections – 19 Projects

NOProjectCountryDirectorProducerProduction Company
1100 Midget Zombie CannibalsThe PhilippinesKhavn DE LA CRUZAchinette VILLAMOR,
Stephan HOLL
Kamias Overground
2108 DaysIndonesiaLucky KUSWANDIMuhammad ZAIDY,
Palari Films
3Ash ValleyUSA, China, CanadaSHU ZhuAnderson LE,
East Films
4Bearlike ManIndiaSapna BHAVNANISapna BHAVNANI,
Wench Films
5The BefallenUSATim KWOK,
Convergence Entertainment
6ConceivableSingapore, ThailandSarah-Tabea SAMMELCHAN Gin KaiSilver Media
7GoliathThe PhilippinesDodo DAYAOPatti LAPUS,
Bradley LIEW
Epicmedia Productions Inc.
8How to Talk with SpiritsUSAQuentin LEEQuentin LEEMargin Films
9Hungry Ghost DinerMalaysiaWe Jun CHOBenji LIM,
Yve Vonn LEE
10The Land of HealingVietnamHoang LEThanh TRAN
11The Last MoonUKSean McCONVILLEStephanie JOALLANDFrenzy Films Ltd.
12Mitra, Turns off the Light to SeeArgentinaDiego BELLOCCHIOJavier DIAZ,
Coruya Cine
13The Moon of the KurentSlovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, MontenegroTomaz GORKICNejc SAJE,
Strup Produkcija
14PeachesHong Kong, Taiwan, USA, France, Germany, Czech RepublicJenny SUENCoco FRANCINI,
Justine O,
Dirty Films
15The PortalSyria, FranceChadi ABO
16Quantum SuicideJapan, The PhilippinesMikhail REDTaro IMAI,
Harakiri Films Llc.
17Untitled Music Monster MovieUSA, NorwayEmerson MACHTUSMini Mach Media
18The Water SpriteJapanKANEKO MasakazuKATAYAMA TakeshiNippon Shuppan Hanbai, Inc.
19The White KingLaos, SpainMattie DOAnnick MAHNERT,
Douangmany SOLIPHANH
Screen Division

Project Spotlight: Korea Selections – 11 Projects

NOProjectCountryDirectorProducerProduction Company
1You Will Die in 6 HoursKoreaPARK SuyeongLEE EunkyungZOA FILMS
2E.S.P.KoreaJUNG Jae-hoonKO YooheeProduction AHA
3PeacockKoreaBYUN SungbinBONG SujiES Pictures
4House I DiedKoreaNOH Doyeon
5Water GhostKoreaLIM JiehunKOO SungmokCONTENTS G
6Lana4KoreaSHIM Yohan
7BusterKoreaKIM SoojungKIM HwabeomINDIESTORY Inc.
9David, a ButlerKoreaSO Jaewoong
10Camp PageKoreaJANG WoojinHAN SunheePlain Pictures
11PanicKoreaSONG Kwang-hoJE Jung-hunGreeGo PICTURES

Nordic Genre Invasion Selections – 2 Projects

NOProjectCountryDirectorProducerProduction Company
1MelanomaDenmark, UKMichael PANDUROJón HAMMER,
Adomeit Film, Grimmfest Films
2Who’s ThereNorwaySeverin ESKELANDSeverin ESKELAND,
Eske & Horn Filmproduksjon AS

Blood Window Selection – 1 Project

 NOProjectCountryDirectorProducerProduction Company
1MatriaChile, Argentina, SpainSandra ARRIAGADALucio ROJAS,
Femtastica Films

Fantastic 7 Selection – 1 Project

Selection to be unveiled following official announcement by Marché du Film 

Work in Progress Selections – 6 Projects

NOProjectConutryDirectorProducerProduction Company
1Route1KoreaKANG KyungtaeLEE JiyoungBEYOND FILM
2Run Run Run!KoreaKIM WonjinVoyager1
3Mind UniverseKoreaKIM JinmooKIM KyungsunGOODINSTORY
4Exist WithinKoreaKIM JungwookJUNG MinahTrue Rise Pictures Inc.
5Earth VagabondKoreaYOO CHOI Neulsaem
6Be YoungKoreaSHIN JaemyoungKIM JoohanHanui Baram Co., Ltd.

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