‘Show Me What You Got’ Review: A refreshing, immersive and unconventional love story

Directed by Svetlana Cvetko

There’s nothing conventional about Svetlana Cvetko’s black and white romance drama. It isn’t a girl meets boy story, it isn’t about fighting for a relationship. It’s about a deeper meaning to having a connection, a deeper meaning to companionship, and that deeper understanding of having a purpose in life through other people.

I wasn’t comfortable watching its first few minutes. Honestly, it has been years since I’ve been immersed in world cinema, and with how fast life is going even during the pandemic, being attentive in watching films is hard.

But there’s something special about Show Me What You Got. The chemistry of its three leads is undeniable, the cinematography is breathtaking and the story? I’m still not sure how to describe it, but I was immersed. From the moment the friendship of the three was formed, I was glued to the story.

It’s a refreshing kind of love story. You may even be lost at some point if this is a love story. But it’s that special kind of love, that special kind of bond between people that’s too strong everything else doesn’t matter.

There’s something mesmerizing about its storytelling. The narration gives a more profound understanding of the characters, the shots can transport you from Los Angeles to Italy, and the story gives you a certain satisfaction of picturing love among three people normal and something that does not need too much drama.

Show Me What You Got like how it describes art, an experience. It doesn’t pull you in with drama, it pulls you in with introducing characters that turn to real people. It’s not your usual escapism from movies, but immersing in the story of Marcello, Christine and Nassim feel like an escape. As if seeing the world through the eyes of three people who shares love in a refreshing and unconventional way.


‘Show Me What You Got’ is now streaming on Cinema76@Home, Upstream PH, KTX, iWantTFC, and Ticket2Me from TBA Studios.

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