5 reasons why Netflix’s action crime series ‘My Name’ is your next must-watch

Upcoming Netflix series My Name tells the story of a woman named Jiwoo who joins a crime ring in order to pursue revenge for her father’s murder. She obtains a new identity and starts working undercover as a police officer for the drug cartel. Jiwoo transfers to the Narcotics Unit and gets closer to finding out who killed her father. With an exciting premise, there’s much to look forward to. Check out some reasons why My Name is your next must-watch series!

Badass Female Lead

My Name is a revenge noir series featuring a lot of suspenseful action. The main character holds her own as she fights off her opponents as she pursues revenge. Actor Park Hee-soon commented, “When I read the script for My Name, I thought it was very original because the main character is female.” He also touched upon the complex emotions her character goes through as her story unfolds. Portrayed by the talented Han So-hee, whose acting range continues to delight, Jiwoo is a badass character you can’t help but root for.

Real Action

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Action is at the forefront of the story and you won’t be disappointed with the diverse action sequences. Ahn Bo-hyun shared, “Everyone went through extensive training and action schools.” Park Hee-soon also said, “Our action doesn’t rely much on wires or computer graphics. It was very emotionally charged, so I would call it emotional and real action.” Director Kim Jin-min talked about how he wanted to emphasize real action and complimented the cast saying, “I feel very proud because our team did a lot more of the action than what you see in other projects out there.”

Riveting Revenge Story

A good revenge series requires a gripping story and a convincing reason for revenge. Han So-hee explains, “Jiwoo has to witness her father’s death at a very young age, and she has no choice but to go on this path.” Jiwoo contacts her father’s friend who is also a crime boss in order to ask for help with her plans for revenge. Dongcheon cartel boss Mujin accepts Jiwoo and helps her obtain a new identity and infiltrate the police. My Name sets up a unique revenge story showing a member of a crime ring going undercover and becoming a police officer. Jiwoo’s quest for vengeance consumes her as she uncovers harsh truths.

Director Kim Jin-min

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The cast was full of praise for Director Kim Jin-min who previously worked on the acclaimed series Extracurricular. Park Hee-soon said, “Director Kim Jin-min did an amazing job in directing Extracurricular, so I had great trust in him.” Ahn Bo-hyun added, “I’m a huge fan of the director and the series Extracurricular.” Just as director Kim Jin-min crafted a dark and gritty story through Extracurricular, we can look forward to the same level of detailed directing in My Name. Furthermore, director Kim Jin-min talked about how he was excited to return to the action genre having worked on it in the past.

Well-Rounded Cast

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Han So-hee is a rapidly rising star following her roles in The World of the Married and Nevertheless,. Director Kim Jin-min also thanked seasoned actors Park Hee-soon and Kim Sang-ho for leading the rest of the cast with their experience and friendly demeanor. Ahn Bo-hyun, Lee Hak-ju, and Jang Yull are all rising actors who have made striking performances individually in titles like Itaewon Class and The World of the Married. Director Kim Jin-min revealed that he had wanted to work with all three of them after seeing their acting. The cast is definitely full of talented actors who don’t disappoint.

What are you most excited for about My Name? Be sure to check it out when it premieres on October 15 at 3PM Philippine time, only on Netflix!

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