‘The King’s Man’ Review: Stylish World War I spy fiction

THE KING’S MAN (2021) Review
Directed by Matthew Vaughn

What made me happy after seeing The King’s Man is Matthew Vaughn’s style in storytelling in the first two Kingsman movies is still here. It’s exciting and visually stunning.

But there’s more to that.

History aficionados can also find something interestingly entertaining with Vaughn’s latest spy action movie as it is set during the World War I. It’s an interesting and fun way to fictionalize history that sometimes it surprises you with familiar names and events.

While The King’s Man is a prequel, it heavily gets its appeal to the two Kingsman films and I’m not complaining. I’m not sure if its the quarantine or the titles I’ve been consuming during the pandemic but I kinda missed the fun and surprises the Kingsman movies gave.

There’s more drama in here though. Having the film set in the World War I, it’s darker and more serious. But thanks to its cast led by Ralph Fiennes and a fascinating portrayal of Rasputin by Rhys Ifans, the film gets to be wild and entertaining.

There’s a point where the story felt like it’s going in circles. It feels like they are prolonging something that it became dragging. But even at the end, the film still had plenty of surprises. One, so shocking I almost stood where I was seating.

It was a fun experience watching The King’s Man on the big screen. A lot of films have been getting a theatrical release now but we should always pick which films we see because we’re still in a pandemic. And I think The King’s Man deserve that spot.


‘The King’s Man’ is now showing in Philippine cinemas from 20th Century Studios. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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