Animated musical movie event ‘Sing 2’ featuring all-star cast heads to PH cinemas on February 23

Find your rhythm this February 23 when Sing 2, sequel to the blockbuster animated musical movie event opens in cinemas nationwide. The highly successful movie (Sing) that gave rise to unforgettable competing characters in a talent show brings the vibrant characters to life on the big screen with new members who eventually put their acts together to help each other reach for their dreams.

All-star cast includes Oscar® winner Matthew McConaughey, Oscar® winner Reese Witherspoon, Tony winner Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Grammy winner Tori Kelly, Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale, Nick Kroll, Grammy winner Pharrell Williams, Nick Offerman and U2’s Bono

Sing 2 comes at an opportune time to return to the cinema experience to hum, sing and stomp to the movie’s beat as the nation (in recent weeks and days) sees increased numbers of those who had been vaccinated so far.

Quoting from an article in Deadline from Illumination’s founder (who also produced the highly successful franchise Despicable Me and gave rise to Minion’s dominion around the globe) Chris Meledandri, from his opening remarks from last year’s CinemaCon event stated the unparalleled experience of going to the movies, “THERE IS SIMPLY NO OTHER EXPERIENCE IN THE WORLD LIKE GOING TO THE MOVIES!… But I am here to tell you that a vibrant theatrical business is not only critical for the filmmaking community, for exhibition, for our global cultural heritage and certainly for our audiences. A vibrant theatrical business is important for the streamers as well! For without it, the very notion of a movie may begin to slip away. In this moment of change, our industry cannot rest. All of us—from content creators to exhibition—must challenge ourselves to reach higher, to be better than we ever thought we could be. We must write the next act of our story. And when we truly meet this moment, I am confident that: Just as we have, for more than a century—through good times and bad, peace and war, prosperity AND pandemics…People all over the world will come together…Join with family and friends…And GO TO THE MOVIES.”

Sing 2 follows the talented group on aiming for bigger dreams heading to Redshore City where all promising and successful artists start and conquer, Buster Moon and his crew dodge all odds trying to make a mark in the entertainment capital of the world.  Forever the showman with the hustle to match, Buster, voiced by Oscar® winner Matthew McConaughey, has now set his sights on making it big with a new show. “I am inspired by Buster and his eternal, and often delusional, optimism,” McConaughey says. “He’s a dreamer who will do the work to make his dreams come true, even if they don’t. In preparing to be Buster, I got inspiration from my own children, and the boundless energy of their youth and imagination.

Rocker porcupine Ash is voiced by Scarlett Johansson, who was thrilled to return to the franchise after seeing audiences connect so well with the first film. “I think audiences loved Sing because the characters and story have an explosive amount of heart,” Johansson says. “Ash is an artist and so she understands firsthand that an artist needs to heal thru their gift,” Johansson says. “That’s what she inspires Clay (voiced by Bono) to do; to find his voice again and use his music to move beyond his trauma to a place of acceptance and healing.”

A Universal Pictures International release, Sing 2 opens on February 23 in cinemas nationwide. 

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