Coleen Garcia, Diego Loyzaga and JC Santos take on the crime thriller twist of an old classic in ‘Adarna Gang’

The story of “Ibong Adarna”, where three princes go after a magical bird whose marvelous voice could heal their father, has inspired many adaptations over the years, be it in cinema, television, or stage production. Though the hunt is just one aspect of the whole narrative, it is exciting to watch, especially with the bird’s cunning escape.

From Viva Films comes “Adarna Gang”, which also involves hunters and preys. However, the pursuit plot of this movie is motivated by two things: revenge and thirst for power. In place of the three princes are three men being honed to become crime syndicate leaders. Instead of a healing bird, there’s a grieving daughter. Now, who is out to get who?

Coleen Garcia plays Adriana, the unica hija of Jose (Soliman Cruz) and Maria (Mickey Ferriols). Adriana is aware that her father is involved in a syndicate although they don’t talk about it. She’s looking forward to a provincial life that her father has promised, but this dream is shattered when Jose gets killed.

JC Santos plays Juan, one of the three adopted sons of Fernando (Ronnie Lazaro), the syndicate’s big boss, and his wife Valeriana (Sharmaine Buencamino). Compared to his two brothers, Juan is quite laid back. Knowing that their fathers are friends, he also tries to befriend Adriana.

Diego Loyzaga plays Diego, the youngest in their family. He’s a top womanizer, but still has a lot to learn in running the syndicate. Still, he follows orders and tries to get things done.

Mark Anthony Fernandez plays Pedro, the eldest son and the most ambitious of all. He will not hesitate to get rid of anyone who he thinks is a threat to the syndicate.

Certain that Fernando’s family is behind the death of her father, Adriana vows to eliminate them one by one.

Meanwhile, just like in the centuries-old Philippine folklore “Ibong Adarna”, Juan, Diego, and Pedro are sent out to go on a hunt. Whoever captures Adrian first will be greatly rewarded.

“Adarna Gang” can be streamed on Vivamax this March 11, but you can also stream it in advance via Vivamax Plus, Viva’s newest pay per view service.

This is the return of Coleen Garcia in the acting scene since she gave birth to her first child. She last starred in the movie “Mia” in 2020.

JC Santos, Diego Loyzaga, and Mark Anthony Fernandez are proving to be very prolific actors.

Santos’s previous movies under Viva, “More Than Blue” was a big success. In 2021 alone, Loyzaga starred in five Viva movies, starting with “Death of a Girlfriend” and recently we witnessed his acting prowess in “The Wife”. Fernandez has three films showing on Vivamax, including “Barumbadings”.

“Adarna Gang” is obviously filled with a cast of notable actors who take pride in their work. Don’t miss their powerful performances, and find out which characters will take flight and whose world will come crashing down.

It is written and directed by Jon Red who has been receiving awards and accolades for his films since the ‘90s, such as Gawad Urian Award for Best Short Film: “Tiempo” in 1993, Best Short Film: “Trip” in 1994, and Silver DV Award for “Astigmatism” in 2004 at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. He also wrote the screenplay of “Hugas”, a romantic crime movie that’s also streaming exclusively on Vivamax and he is the writer and producer of Vivamax limited erotic series – L.

To stream “Adarna Gang”, go to or download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store, App Store, or Huawei App Gallery.

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