‘The Batman’ Review: Atmospheric, crazy and glorious!

THE BATMAN (2022) Review
Directed by Matt Reeves

If Matt Reeves was making an opera about a comic book character, The Batman would be it. I’m not talking about a musical opera, but the grandness of his approach.

Gotham never felt so real on the big screen. From the vibe, the people, and I’m saying people because the characters felt real, and dangers that lurk in the city. From crime, politics, to those people who are still fighting for a better tomorrow. This is the Gotham we have always envisioned, or at least for me. It’s not just about the vigilante, the villains, but the problematic city and its people.

Atmospheric, crazy, and glorious. The Batman is a grand operatic detective movie that shows the best of Matt Reeves’ direction, Michael Giacchino’s music and Robert Pattinson’s acting.

Reeves has been always been an interesting filmmaker. From Cloverfield to the reimagined Planet of the Apes trilogy, you can feel and see how intricate he has been at the message and approach of his films. And you can see that in here. It’s like he carefully created something that’s detailed it’s as if he personally knew each and every character in the movie.

The music, oh boy. It goes from dark and dangerous, to suspense thriller, to action adventure. There was I scene the music felt like it was from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. It was exciting and suspenseful. And I thought using a suspense thriller music for a chase scene is crazy and genius. Props to Giacchino for his choices which made the film even more thrilling.

Paul Dano’s sinister as The Riddler, Colin Farrell’s almost unrecognizable as The Penguin, Andy Serkis is a bit underused as Alfred, Jeffrey Wright is perfect for this version’s James Gordon, Zoe Kravitz is a Catwoman that has a drive and Robert Pattinson is superb as Bruce Wayne and Vengeance. I think this is the first Batman movie that we see more of Bruce in his batsuit than as the billionaire. Making the film a detective made the Batman move more than Bruce in the film.

The Batman is that film that delivers all the goods a film can offer. Whether you’re looking for a superhero movie, an action-adventure, drama, detective, or maybe even a romance movie, it has it all. But it doesn’t feel bloated. It has established Gotham as what it needs to be for each and every character to exist and doesn’t make the film too much for the audience.

I enjoyed The Batman thoroughly, and I do feel that I will discover more when I do see it again soon.


‘The Batman’ opens in Philippine cinemas March 2, 2022 from Warner Bros. Pictures. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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